Bronze age Gold Bar Found in March 2013

Date tested by museum 1000 BC


Patches now on sale.

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England Barn Hunt Patch


Anywhere in the US $ 4 US dollars

International £ 5.00 or $6 US Dollars

Send cash, check or money order to:

Ron Guinazzo
PO Box 60603
Chicago, IL. 60660

Patches shipped within 48 hours.


Chicago Dealers.

I have used these dealers localy and they are top notch!


Windy City Detector sales and Rental


Owner Ron Shore



Dick Stout's Blog

Dick Stout long time detectorist, writer of several books and articles for most of the treasure mag's

Always an interesting read, and lots of information


John Winter

John Winter has been writing every month since 2006 for The Searcher, a popular monthly magazine devoted to the hobby of metal detecting and published in the UK.

Lots of great info and photos of UK finds






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There are some free slots if you want to join a really friendly supportive team: Check out the 'Barn' house page to see the accommodation we stay at.



Spring 2015- March 7th to 28th-

Tim's barn- March 7th to 21th-


Fall 2015

Sep 26 to-Oct 24








10,000 dollar Platinum and diamond ring

returned 11-07



Want to win a week detecting in England

See England hunt raffle page for raffle info:

England raffle page


Latest drawing winner

Barn Raffle #7

Drawing held in Colchester

March 15th 2012

And the winner is ticket #33 John Labedski

Barn Raffle #7 Drawing video


Barn Raffle #6

Drawing held in Colchester


Barn Raffle #6 video

Winner Ticket # 42

Canadian Marty




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About Me

Treasure Hunter for more than 30 Years!

Blog site Chicago Ron: The Detecting World

My hunting finds updated as finds are made


Ring finder service: Lose a ring at the beach, in your yard, at the park? If I get there soon enough I can find it! Send me an e-mail                                                                                                   

I have been detecting since 1983, starting with a Radio Shack microna 2001 after losing my high school ring at El Toro air base in California. I never found my ring but have made many wonderful discoveries since. I was hooked after only the first week, finding my first walking liberty half dollar. Soon upgraded to a Whites 5000di increasing the quantity and quality of my finds. Returned to Chicago in 1985 and hunted off and on over the next 12 years. In 1997 after getting a job with the Chicago fire dept I started hunting in earnest again. In 1999 I discovered the joy of water hunting and use a Minelab Excaliber II in the water.  I use a Minelab Explorer SE, Minelab e-trac ans Extera 705 on land.

In June of 1999 I joined the Midwest Historical Research Society my local detecting club. I was president from 2002 to 2010, we currently have about 90 members. 

I have been going to England twice a year near since 2005 which has opened up a whole new area for ancient finds. My current gold coin total is 10.

Ron's e-mail

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions



Romano British finds

Dubnovellaunus Late 1st BC to Early 1stC AD Full Celtic gold stater


Saxon C600 - 775 AD Silver Sceat

1.16g, 10.98mm

Series D (Type 2c) (North 168) EMC 2007.0239

Roman gold pendant

disclaimed returned to finder

Early 1900's 18K gold ring

14K Gold Engagement ring, 3/4 ct center stone w/12 bagetts

2 gold coins found by me on the October 2010 trip

70 BC Celtic gold 1/4 stater

1762 George III 1/4 Guinea

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