Bronze age Gold Bar Found in March 2013

Date tested by museum 1000 BC

Best England Finds

October 2019

One of a kind OFFA REX Penny
757-796 AD serpent type
1.12g 15.5mm

12 known examples of reverse Moneyer: Ciol Hard. London or Canterbury
No coins exist of this obverse type
OFFA REX cross and pellet center


Early 70 BC uninscribed "Q" gold remi type Celtic quarter stater
1.33g 11.61mm

October 2018

1653 Commonwealth silver
Half Crown (30 pence)

14.39g , 34 mm


Trinovantian tribe Celtic gold
Quarter stater
45 to 25 BC

1.3g 13.12 mm

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Chuck Smalley

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About Me: I have been a Treasure Hunter for more than 35 Years!

I have been detecting since 1983, I starting with a Radio Shack microna 2001 after losing my high school ring at El Toro air base in California. I never found my ring but have made many wonderful discoveries since. I was hooked after only the first week, finding my first walking liberty half dollar. Soon upgraded to a Whites 5000di increasing the quantity and quality of my finds. Returned to Chicago in 1985 and hunted off and on over the next 12 years. In 1997 after getting a job with the Chicago fire dept I started hunting in earnest again. In 1999 I discovered the joy of water hunting and use a Minelab Equinox 800 in the water.  I use a Minelab Explorer SE for park hunting, and the Equinox 800 for hunting in England.

In June of 1999 I joined the Midwest Historical Research Society my local detecting club. I was president from 2002 to 2010, they currently have about 100 members. 

I have been going to England twice a year near since 2005 which has opened up a whole new area for ancient finds.
My current gold coin total is 23.

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Celtic Wode grinder ---------------------------------Roman fibula Brooch

Roman bronze Knife handle


Sword Pommel
A hybrid of both Viking and Saxon styles
Dates from the 9th to 11th century


Some of my personal best finds!

Celtic Gold 1/4 stater
70B.C. Morini type
0.89g, 11.86mm

Celtic Gold 1/4 stater
50B.C. Caletes tribe
1.86g 10.15mm
Clasified as Scarce

Trinovantes British G “Clacton” quarter
Celtic gold 1/4 stater 50BC

Chris Rudd 23.41Clacton de Jersey - Classed as scarce

1361- 69 Edward III hammered gold qtr nobel Treaty period,


Remi type Celtic quarter stator
70 BC Uninscrided
1.34g 14.86mm

Addedomaros Celtic gold stator
45 to 25 BC
5.48g 18.22mm

Dubnovellaunus Late 1st BC to Early 1stC AD Full Celtic gold stater


Saxon C600 - 775 AD Silver Sceat

1.16g, 10.98mm

Series D (Type 2c) (North 168) EMC 2007.0239

1689 William and Mary gold Guinea
21 shilling 6 pence

8.5g 25mm

Georgian Gold Watch winder

With glass insert

Roman gold pendant

disclaimed returned to finder

Early 1900's 18K gold ring

14K Gold Engagement ring, 3/4 ct center stone w/12 bagetts

2 gold coins found by me on the October 2010 trip

70 BC Celtic gold 1/4 stater

1762 George III 1/4 Guinea

Celtic Gold

Clackton type Quarter stater

Native American Trade Silver


Ancient gold sheet
reported to museum as potential treasure
Disclaimed/Returned to finder

9.1mm, o.96g sq


Celtic gold qtr stater of Dubnovellaunos




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